About Us


Hamrah Khodro Saipa Company was established in 2011 and started its activity professionally and specialized in the field of auto parts.

From the beginning, this company entered the large market of auto parts with the aim of supplying a large number of quality parts with “Cipart” and “Saipart”.


During this period, Hamrah Khodro has tried to be successful in addition to increasing the quality level of products, in the packaging and registering a well-known brand.


Hamrah Khodro Saipa Company intends to become the second top brand of auto spare parts in the country with competitive capabilities in the spare parts market and a leader in specialized packaging operations in the field of auto parts as a comprehensive distribution center for auto spare parts….

Parts & services

products categorization

– Covered Cars :

Saipa Automotive Group , Renault, Nissan, Citroen, Kia , Brilliance, Changan

– Pallets & Packaging:

Hamrah Khodro Saipa Company, with its expertise and Updated equipment as a specialized center for palletizing and packaging domestic and export spare parts of Saipa Automotive Group, is currently developing its services and products in the field of design, production and supply of logistics equipment.

Cipart spare parts

unique specifications

Originality Guarantee

All of spare parts utilizing the experienced experts and engineers of quality

control unit will be controlled. Also major of spare parts are supplied by Saipa

Automotive Group suppliers such as Mega Motor and Sazeh Gostar company.


Spare parts, depending on the type and conditions, have a 3 months to one year warranty.

Free shopping throughout Iran

All parts with proper packaging will be sent free of charge to all of Iran in less

than 7 days throngh Saipa Group logistics after receiving the parts and ensuring

the quality and quantity of the parts, the representatives confirm this

information in the receiving system.

Engineering and Quality Control systems:   
Engineering and Quality Control Department, with the help of experienced experts, provides engineering processes such as designing wooden and metal structures and export parts packaging plans. 

Packaging of Cipart spare parts

Specifications of Cipart label and hologram


–     Dimensions: 5.5 * 5 cm (According to the attached image)

V and M security punch as shown in the attached image on the 4 sides of the label
The strength of the adhesive should be such that when removing the label, it will rupture.


–      Dimensions: 1.5 * 3.5 cm (According to the attached image)

The hologram has two dimensions.
When it destroyes you can see the word OPENVOID which remains the hologram.
Non-transferable from one commodity to another.
Heat resistance.
High sensitivity and distortion in case of manipulation.
Irreplicable by other manufacturers
Ability to install on a variety of parts and packaging.

Features of Cipart spare parts

All spare parts distributed by Hamrah khodro company have standards level approved by the automakers.

Palletizing Unit

Pallets are a means of facilitating the storage and transportation of materials and goods that are moved by forklifts. This product can be offered with various materials , capabilities, dimensions and tolerances. This products can be produced in 2 main categories:

 Wooden and metal.

Packaging Unit

Hamrah Khodro Saipa Company, with its expertise and packaging equipment as a …..